We have the ability to consult in many different fields regarding the Maritime environment. Our team members have a breadth of knowledge and experience that allows us to adjust to your operational needs.


We collect, analyze, and visualize data sets to fit our customers needs. Whether you need temperature profiles of a body of water, visualization of diurnal effects, analysis of temperature fluctuations due to tides, or any other maritime or aquatic analysis Ocean State Sensing will provide the technical expertise you are looking for.

Project Management

Our expert team of mariners can plan, execute, and validate many types of at sea (or lake) testing required to support your research goals. As experienced Project Managers, the Ocean State Sensing team will ensure that your project is completed on time and on budget.


Ocean State Sensing is consistently developing advanced and groundbreaking technologies and techniques to measure, monitor, and mitigate events that affect the ocean. Among other things, we are actively investigating ways to mitigate the effects of localized oil spills and contaminated aquifers. Bring us your problem and let us develop an approach or instrument to solve it for you.