Our mission is to provide solutions in the aquatic environment; through sound ocean engineering and project management practices; to improve the understanding of the ecosystem and enabling greater stewardship across the hydrosphere.

We aim to change the way that aquaculturalists (both tanks and open water), the fishing industry, and oceanographic researchers view their own jobs by optimizing efficiency through revolutionary methods and machinery.

Aquacultural Monitoring

Monitor every area of your growth habitat with a pin point accuracy. Achieve maximum growth by monitoring and regulating temperatures, time feedings for less wasted meal, minimize die off due to temperature fluctuations and undiagnosed disease. Reduce heating and cooling costs by only conditioning the areas that require attention.

Fisheries Management

Know the temperature of the water from the bed to the surface before the first boat in the fleet starts its engines. Reduce wasted trips when warm eddies slip in under the surface and shut down fish activity. Reduce bycatch with temperature targeted fishing, know when and where to set gear based on evidence. Reduce wasted time, money, and carbon emissions while enhancing the health of the fishery.

Oceanographic Monitoring

Verify the sound velocity profile prior to noisy underwater construction operations, monitor water temps from surface to seabed to determine the true status of global health and ocean currents. Establish baseline temperatures and monitor long into the future with sustainable data gathering efforts from static or moving platforms. “Sensorize” any cable for use in an aquatic environment to enable weather forecasts of the ocean currents as the rate of Artic and Antarctic ice caps melting changes.

We need to respect the oceans and take care of them as if our lives depended on it. Because they do.

Sylvia Earle