About Us

We are a small Maritime company fueled by our passion for the sea and its longevity. Our operations are based out of Newport, RI, and we have the flexibility to be able to support all potential customers and partners.

Tony Eliasen

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

As a retired Nuclear Submarine Officer and Project Management Professional, he brings a plethora of experience in ocean operations and engineering. His degrees in Environmental Science and Engineering Management bring his passion for the ocean to bear in an imaginative and effective manner. He is focused on bringing high value production to your team and operation.

– Tony Eliasen

Brian Amaral

Co-Founder and Chief Scientist

With advanced degrees in Ocean Engineering, Oceanography, and Business, Brian brings a passionate and imaginative approach to every project. His visionary approach to investigating and alleviating the damaging events that affect the ocean, represent the future of environmental stewardship in marine ecosystems. Brian efficiently bridges the gap between scientific research and in field (or at sea) implementation.

– Brian Amaral